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Joseph's Amazing Pig Racing - Saturday at 5.15pm in the main arena.


Commencing 11.00am Saturday 6th August 2022


1. Best Junior Handler: Especially for 13 & under to show off your four-legged companion!

2: Prettiest Pup: For dogs a year and under and pups of all sizes and breeds. Let’s see those pretty puppy dog eyes!

3: Loveliest Lady: A category for female dogs to put their best paw forward in the arena! 

4: Fabulous Fella: A category for male dogs to saunter their way in front of the judges!

5: Best Rescue: Any rescue dog can enter and we would love to hear your dog’s rescue story and the special bond you have with them.

6: Golden Oldie: For dogs 10+, we always love the special twinkle an oldie has in their eyes!

7: Best Trick: It’s time for your dog to take centre stage and show off their best trick!

8: Dog With The Waggiest Tail: Dogs get your wag on and let’s see those tails wiggle! 

9: Dog That Most Looks Like Owner: A lot of people say dogs look like their owner so now is the time to show us dog doppelgängers! 

10: Best in Show: We welcome back the winners of all previous categories where an overall winner will be picked for Best In Show!